Premier Yarns - Sweet Rolls

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Kiwi Pop
Citrus Pop
Pansy Pop
Cloud Pop
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Butterscotch Pop
Birthday Cake Pop

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Content: 100% acrylic
Ball Size: 140g – 224m
10 ply
Care: Machine wash and dry/ Dye lotted

Premier Sweet Rolls yarn is a combination of 3 alternating colours in each ball.  The most noticeable difference we found from this yarn, is that the yarn is pre-wound into a 'cake' rather than a ball, this makes them really easy to use as a center pull.  Center pull balls are great to use as they don't roll around on the floor everywhere!

Now with an exciting 6 brand new colours in the range to choose from, each ball of Sweet Rolls yarn contains two complete repeats of the stripe pattern. Each ball contains 2 complete repeats of the stripe pattern and begins and ends with the same colour, making the transition from one ball to the next easy. This beautiful yarn knits and crochets up very easily creating new designs in scrafes and beanies and so much more!

Content: 100% acrylic
Ball Size: 140g – 224m
10 ply
10cm = 17 stitches on size 5mm Knitting needles
Suggested Crochet hooks: 5mm or 6mm
Care: Machine wash and dry
Dye lotted

Please note that due to a variety of monitor’s and individual settings, the colour swatches shown above may be slightly different from the actual product.