10 Crocheted and Knitted Wool Socks Patterns

Nothing comes close to the warmth and comfort of a handmade pair of socks. This is obviously why more and more people are purchasing crocheted or knitted wool socks. Whether you use one to walk around your tiled or hardwood floor or to protect your feet from shoe blisters, knowing how to make one for yourself is great to save some $ or to give an unforgettable present.

Here are 10 free crocheted and knitted wool socks patterns for you to try:

  1. Crocheted Chunky Knee-High Socks

 Crocheted chunky knee-high socks

This is a great pattern to work on if you have some spare time over the weekend. All you need is one skein of a bulky yarn. The pattern fits most women, and it also includes instructions to achieve custom-fit for your calf and foot. The finished socks also make a great partner for your boots because they peek out, which is fashionably cute during winter. Free pattern available at https://goo.gl/UoO9tk.

  1. Super Slipper Socks

 Super slipper socks

This free socks pattern fit your heel perfectly without sliding off your feet or sagging in any way. You can also add embellishments. Grab the free pattern at https://goo.gl/lKEo0c.

  1. Peek-A-Boo Lace Socks

 Peek-a-boo lace socks

Stretch is one of the characteristics that makes a great pair of socks. This pattern has the right amount of stretch, which offers a huge benefit when speaking of comfort. These socks are also perfect to wear with your flats so your feet don’t rub in the wrong places. These can also serve as cushion when you walk around on hard floors. Find free pattern at https://goo.gl/AS9hon.

  1. Afterthought Heel Men’s Socks

 Afterthought heel men’s socks

Got a lot of colourful scrap yarns? This pattern makes use of scrap or brand new yarns. You can finish a pair within 3 hours or more. Get the free pattern at https://goo.gl/m1S43K.

  1. Fun Multicolor Crochet Sock Pattern

 Fun multicolor crochet sock pattern

This fun multicolour crochet sock pattern will keep your feet warm especially during the winter season. This pattern is really easy to make, and playing with colours will add up to the fun while you’re crocheting it. Imagine coming home after a long day’s work cozying up with these pair of socks as you walk around the house or retire for bed. You can have the free pattern at https://goo.gl/jQTpqD.

  1. Spiral Sock Pattern

 Spiral sock pattern

This knitted spiral socks are very easy and fun to make. The absence of a definite heel makes you wear them like iron. The free pattern comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Get the pattern at https://goo.gl/aKWvPl.

  1. Beginner Socks Knitting Pattern

 Beginner socks knitting pattern

This knitted sock pattern for ladies works best using skinny sport weight yarn or sock weight yarn. Choose yarns that are soft and comfy and at the same time comes in a wide array of colours that you can play with. Use yarns that give more stretch. Free pattern can be found at https://goo.gl/3rJm.

  1. Chevron Lace Socks Knitting Pattern

 Chevron lace socks knitting pattern

These lovely socks can be worn with low-ankle shoes to show off the design. School girls will definitely love these knitter socks. Grab the free pattern at https://goo.gl/5cUSuP.

  1. Ribbed Waffle Socks Knitting Pattern

 Ribbed waffle socks knitting pattern

This ribbed socks pattern can also fit men, so you can knit one for yourself and another for your hubby. Free pattern available at https://goo.gl/XG7JEO.

  1. Children’s Knitted Socks Pattern

 Children’s knitted socks pattern

Your kids will definitely love to wear this knitted socks pattern. You can make several pairs with different colours, which they can wear to school. Free pattern is yours at https://goo.gl/RwMgt6.

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