5 Most Common Crochet Mistakes

Most of those who crochet for the first time find it difficult and experience lots of mistakes before finally getting the hang of it. However, even those who have grasped the basics of crocheting have been making mistakes which they think they’ve been doing right all along. Here are some of the most common mistakes a crocheter makes:

1. Crocheting only using the front loop.

This is one of the most common problems experienced by beginners. Usually, beginners only tend to start crocheting basic projects like scarves which is why it is difficult to notice the mistake. However, when they become used to crocheting and level up to complex projects, the mistake starts to become obvious. You’ll notice that you’re doing this mistake if you check the back of the project and it looks somewhat different from the front.

2. Crochet project getting wider or shorter.

There are instances where a crochet project becomes wider or loose.The reason behind this is most probably because you aren’t stopping or starting at the correct spot. This is a mistake which even a crotchetier with years of experience tends to make. To solve this, you have to make sure you count the stitches you make and make sure you know where the single and double stitches start.

3. The stitches are too tight.

All those who have crocheted have experienced getting too excited or attached to their project and ended up holding it too tightly which makes it difficult to insert the crochet hook. It’s for sure that when you crochet, you don’t want your project to be loose and want it somewhat tight but you have to make sure that you have enough space on your row for another row when you crochet back.

4. Crochet stuffed animals or amigurumi are inside out.

Among the many crochet problems, this is the easiest to fix but is the most difficult problem to notice. When you finish your amigurumi and you notice that it looks blocky or that some parts and stitches don’t look right, it might be because it is inside out. To fix this, you just have to flip it inside out. However, if you’ve made a mistake halfway, then you would either have to stick with the project or remove the part after the mistake.

5. Changing yarn colors incorrectly.

This is definitely one of the problems which are not only experienced by beginners. When you change colours, you don’t have to tie the first color and then tie on the second color. You just have to partially work the very last stitch in the row so you have two loops on your hook then loop your second color. If you won’t use your first color anymore, then you should cut if off but don’t cut it off if you will use it again.
Sure, you’ll be making these mistakes in the beginning but as your fingers learn to dance with the loops of the yarns, you’ll become a pro just like the others. Just crochet on and watch your own progress project after project.

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