10 Crochet dress patterns to try

The best part about crocheting and knitting is that you can make your own stuff instead of buying them which also makes them more affordable and will be something that will surely fit your taste and your size. Crochet dresses are the perfect choice for just about any occasion since their style is almost limitless. If you want to begin making your own crochet dress, here are some of the patterns which you should absolutely try:

  1. Summer Tunic Crochet Dress

Brown summer crochet dress

If you want to wear something that is a bit open but not too revealing for summer then this dress is the right one for you. This crochet dress patterned which was made by Knit for Kids is a tunic which can be worn together with leggings or can simply be worn like a dress. The pattern allows you to choose whichever color you’d like which makes it a lot more personal. However, this is only available for certain sizes but experienced crocheters can upsize this if they want to.

  1. Organdy Ribbon Dress

Organdy ribbon white dress

This 1950’s vintage dress pattern was made by McCall Pattern Company and proves that not all old clothes are out of style. This plain yet cute dress pattern which was published back in January 1955 can be found free through Hook, Yarn and Needles the Old Stuff and is actually making a comeback in the past few years because of its style. So if you want to step into something vintage and stylish at the same time, you should definitely go for this one.

This pattern was removed by the original publisher. However, we have managed to find a copy of this beautiful pattern

  1. Nightfall

Blue night dress

Whoever said crochet dresses are plain is definitely wrong and this crochet dress proves that. Nightfall is made by Paula L. F. Bennett and can be found on Talking Crochet newsletter archives from Crochet World. It’s perfect for a party or a date with your special someone. It has been designed to look frankly flirtatious while showing off your glamour and your feminine curves.

You can find the pattern here

  1. Tweed Off-Shoulder Dress

White crochet dress

Tweed may not be something everyone can pull off but when it comes to this dress, it somehow magically suits almost anyone. This dress pattern by Treva F. McCain really is bulky. However, when you finish the whole dress, you’ll notice that the pattern is something that is so wonderful that you’ll regret ever thinking that it’s going to be tough wearing it.

  1. Chanel Style Crochet Dress

Chanel style crochet dress in white color

The designer brand Chanel is truly one of those which are adored by many so this Chanel inspired crochet dress is one of the favorite crochet dresses available. If you’re one of those who love Chanel and want to make something inspired by their designs, then this pattern is something you should spend your time on.

  1. Summer Dress


Crochet dress with ripple pattern

This is one of the easiest dresses you can make and has been designed in one size to fit many. The pattern which is more of a recipe was made by Eleanor Burke and can be found free on Ravelry. Though the pattern does not include a lot of open design which many summer dresses and tunics have, it’s still cool being in this dress because it allows air to flow smoothly.


  1. Summer A-Line Dress

Summer dress shades of green

This was not made to fit many sizes but crocheters who are experienced can upsize it. This is one of the dresses with the most practical designs, which is why many go for its pattern. It’s also very simple to make which means it won’t take too much of your time. The skirt makes it easy for the air to flow which makes it a perfect summer dress.

  1. Sleazy Dress

Knitted sexy pink dress

If you want to go clubbing and show of your body, this dress intended for sexy nights out was made for you. You could go daring and just wear the dress on you or you could go with the sophisticated look and wear a shirt underneath it. This can be found free on Hook, Yarn and Needles. This helps prove that crochet dresses are not just for demure and conservative people.

  1. Little Black Dress

Black knitted dress

Little black dresses are loved by a lot of people and are perfect for just about any occasion, especially formal ones. Crocheters have fallen in love with this pattern since it just made it possible for them to create their own little black dress which fits their body and tastes more than choosing from readymade dresses.

  1. Italian Crochet Dress

Knitted summer dress

This pattern is actually written in Italian but there is an English translation available. This super cute crochet dress pattern has been adored by many that they actually had it translated into English for non-Italian crocheters. The crochet dress is worked out per piece and is completely stitched together at the end which makes it easier to work throughout the whole pattern.


  1. Marilyn

    The picture that is attached with description #10 belongs to description #6 called Summer Dress. You can look up Summer Dress on Ravelry to verify. I don’t know if the off-white dress pictured as #6 is actually “Italian Crochet Dress” or not, but I think it’s possible. It would certainly be nice if the descriptions or the pictures or SOMETHING contained links to the patterns or the websites where we can buy the patterns.

    1. Pauline

      Hello Marilyn, thank you for the heads up, we are fixing the error and adding the links to the patterns. Will let you know as soon as it has been updated
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