8 Easiest Amigurumi Patterns

Due to being cute and fun to make, amigurumi have been a trend when it comes to crocheting. Also, the good thing about them is that there are many patterns which only require basic or beginner crocheting knowledge for you to be able to make them. They’re perfect as gifts for young people and even for those who are young at heart.

1. Amigurumi Gumballs

Amigurumi gumballs many colours

This is the simplest pattern you can make and it also helps you in practicing your amigurumi skills. You can make them in different colors. You can also make them in different sizes. With a string, you can make them into garlands for decoration or put them together in a bowl. They can also be used as your kids’ play food. These don’t require a lot of yarn for you to make so your first few tries won’t be a waste in case you make mistakes.

2. Tiny Striped Egg

Crochet stripped eggs

This pattern involves changing colors which can help you in practicing that skill. It’s similar to the amigurumi ball pattern but the difficulty is increased a tiny bit due to the change in colors. Because it uses the half-double crochet stitch, you would be able to practice that as well. You can make them with light or pastel colors or you can experiment with both light and dark colors. They’re also perfect for Easter Egg Hunts or as a centerpiece during the Easter.

3. Tiny Tater Tots

Tiny tater tots

If you’ve got a lot of little yarns left and don’t want them to go to waste, you can turn them into a handful of tiny tater tots. They can be made with different colors and you won’t need to worry about making problems while doing them cause it’s easy to remake them and you won’t be wasting a lot of yarn in the process. They can also be used as play foods for your kids instead of the plastic ones or just put them in a jar or a bowl and put them up as decorations.

4. One-Piece Amigurumi Pumpkin

One-piece amigurumi pumpkin

No matter if it’s for Halloween or for play foods for the kids, this pumpkin pattern is one of the easiest to make. You can use just one color or can make a change into green for the stem part. This is designed for beginners and would only require a little bit of crocheting for you to finish. This is also a great way to practice your amigurumi techniques and skills. It’s also perfect for your decors during the autumn or fall season.

5. Amigurumi Macaroons

Amigurumi macaroons


A lot of us love macaroons but what’s more to love is the crocheted version of one of these favorite snacks. They would look cute with the number of color combinations you can play with and the sizes you can make. They can be used as decorations for your house or as a centerpiece for your table. They’re round and flat which would mean they won’t require a lot of work and techniques to make. You can use them to practice your color changing skills as well as your amigurumi skills.

6. Googly Thought

Googly thought

Googly Thought is made for beginners and the brushing technique used to make them look fuzzy can hide any mistakes you make on your first few tries. You can already hand out the first few ones you’ve begun making and practiced on as gifts and that would be a perfect way for you to practice making them. You just start with a ball and simply brush up the yarn you used the just add googly eyes and you’re done making them. You can also crochet the eyes but that would depend on you.

7. Cute Little Piggy

Cute little piggy crocheted

This pattern is one of the easiest and cutest ones you can make. They’re only the head part but they’re definitely cuter than the real thing. You can make a lot of them in different colors and color combinations. They would be perfect as thank you gifts. Also, with just a few tweaks in the pattern, you can use it to make other animals of your choice.

8. Simple Amigurumi Spider

Simple amigurumi spider

Spiders can be scary but this crocheted version of one of the feared insects will surely make you wish all of them would be this adorable. Other than being cute, it’s also very easy to make. You just need to make a ball then use pipe cleaners for its legs and you’re done. You can use the usual black color or you can make them in different colors as you wish and even go for color changes to practice. They would be perfect as Halloween designs, for pranking or scaring someone who’s scared of them or simply just a toy for your kids or as a gift for someone else.

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