10 Crocheted Gift Ideas for Christmas

1. Cozy Cinched Ear Warmer

Ear warmers
During the cold season, you will need to keep your ears warm and what better way to do so than to wear a cozy ear warmer. This ear warmer is made in a headband pattern and is easy to make. With this gift, the person you will give it to will be able to stay warm without having their hairstyles ruined. It can also be coordinated with fall and winter wardrobes.
2. Crochet Snowman Hat

Snowmen are one of the things which really give off the Christmas vibe. Instead of going with the common plain winter hat, wearing a snowman would indeed look more adorable. This is a perfect gift for kids. The pattern is available for a range of ages from infants to adults.
3. Bottle Buddies Wine Bottle Gift Bags

If you wanted to give someone wine as a gift for Christmas then why not make a gift bag as well? These bottle buddies are the most adorable wine bottle gift bags you will ever see and the best thing is that they come in different characters so you won’t have to worry about sticking to some character you don’t like.
4. Crochet Hot Chocolate Mug Ornament

Crochet hot chocolate mug ornament
Hot chocolate has been part of the winter of many families and has somehow ended up being a traditional drink during the Christmas season. To add up to the festivity of Christmas, you can crochet a hot chocolate mug as a Christmas tree ornament or as a toy for kids. This ornament is easy to make, you can even make one for your tree. It is so cute that you may even want to keep it on display the whole year in your kitchen.
5. Crochet Wreath Ornament

Crochet wreath ornament
The famous holiday wreath is definitely something you would see every Christmas. Combining crocheting and the Christmas season would land you into making a crochet wreath for your house or as a gift for a friend or a loved one. This is easy to work on which means that you can finish it before Christmas comes around. You can make one as big as a regular sized wreath or you can make small ring sized ones meant for Christmas trees.
6. Holiday Penguin Stuffie

Stuffed toys are things which kids always want to have and to make things more festive, this holiday penguin is definitely a perfect gift during Christmas. Combining the elements of a stuffed toy, a penguin and the holiday season would definitely capture the hearts of kids and kids at hearts with how adorable it looks.
7. Crochet Nativity Set

Christmas began due to the birth of Christ in the manger. This scene has been played out a number of times in order to remember the reason for the holiday. With this intermediate crochet pattern, you would be able to make a nativity set. This would definitely add up to the festive feeling during the holidays. It would also help you remember the true reason behind the special holiday which a lot of people celebrate.
8. Dog Paws Christmas Stocking

If you have a dog or if you know someone who has one and is thinking about giving them their own stocking for Christmas, then this is definitely the right crochet pattern. This adorable stocking pattern by Michelle Wilcox was intended for the fury pals who have been considered part of the family. But if you’re someone who wanted a change in the usual Christmas stocking and would want to go for a change like this one, then you can simply make one for your own even if you don’t have dogs.
9. Santa’s Helpers Gift Pouches

If you’re tired of sending gifts or receiving gifts from the usual boxes and pouches, then these would definitely be the ones you are looking for this Christmas. With the look of the Santa’s elf helpers, you would surely feel that it’s already the Christmas season. With the drawstring attached to each of them, you can use them as Christmas tree ornaments after receiving them.
10. Crochet Christmas Tree
If the person you are giving gifts to is a person who loves the environment or is someone who wants sustainable things, this gift is the perfect one for them. They will no longer need to worry about having a Christmas tree for the Christmas season since these can easily be machine washed once they get dirty. Though the size is small, with some experience and expertise, you would be able to increase its size as to whatever you like.

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