Some Awesome Things You Need to Know About the Adorable Red Heart Scrubby Yarns

When it comes to gifts, many knitters and crocheters choose to make their own handmade gifts rather than buying them. Among these, one of the most loved and quickest heartwarming gifts you can give someone is a washcloth. The Red Heart Scrubby yarn is perfect for those kinds of projects.

Usually, when it comes to making a wash cloth, nylon netting is used which takes a lot of time and effort, especially patience to get it done. Besides the amount of time it takes, the result wouldn’t always look as you expected. The Red Heart Scrubby yarn is a textured slightly rough yarn which has been designed to scrub dirty pots and pans with ease. It will surprise you how easy it is to scrub your dishes clean with minimal effort.

Skein Size

Red Heart Scrubby has a medium weight which means that it is 8 ply and weighs 100 grams (3.5 oz). The yarn weight determines how many stitches it takes to knit 1 inch. The length of the yarn is at 85 meters (92 yards). For a 4 inch by 4 inch project, you would be able to make seven same size projects in just one skein with some yarn left over.


The Scrubby yarn comes in a number of colours which means you’ll have a variety to choose from and can make different projects with different colour combinations. It comes in almond, marble, tropical, candy, jelly, cherry, royal, stream, waves, primrose, bubblegum, green tea, lime, ocean, orange, duckie, bamboo, black, coconut, blossom, citrus, zesty, and Capri.

Since the yarn is made of polyester, it’s sure that it wouldn’t bleed when you wash it. Even if you try to soak the yarn in hot water and then remove it, there will be no color loss. Compared to other cotton yarns that bleed when soaked in hot water, it is impressive that the Scrubby yarn doesn’t bleed at all not even when you use the washcloth which has been made with it.


The yarn’s texture is known as eyelashes with those little extensions on the yarn. These extensions help greatly in scrubbing food particles on the dishes and pots. It is also possible to use them to make wash cloths. Like how the yarn is a lot helpful when it comes to scrubbing pots and pans, it also helps a lot in removing dirt from the body. Since the yarn dries fast, there is no sour or bad smell which remains on the cloth after using a washcloth on your body or a dishcloth on the dishes.

Cloth Materials

Red Heart Yarns said that the Scrubby yarn can be used alone or together with cotton yarn. It depends on how you would make your project. However, simply using the Scrubby yarn for your project will make it less absorbent compared to combining it with the use of cotton yarn. With the yarn alone, it would make it stretchy like how a scarf is like but when combined with a cotton yarn, it would be thicker and would increase its absorbency.


The Scrubby yarn is almost $9 and is actually a good investment if you think about it. Compared to the usual scrubbies found on the internet and other stores, it’s cheaper since you can make a lot of them in just one skein of Scrubby yarn. What’s more is that the dishcloth you’ve made would be something you’ve decided on, including the colour combinations and other things. If it were to be given as a gift, it would be something that is handmade which would make them feel special for the time and effort you’ve put on the project.


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