7 Crochet Patterns baskets and tote bags using Bernat Maker Home Decor Yarn

7 Crochet Patterns baskets and tote bags using Bernat Maker Home Decor Yarn

  1. Slouchy Stripes Backpack

Crochet backpack bernat maker home décor clay & aqua

This lovely and durable backpack only needs two balls of yarn; the two colours used from Bernat Maker Home Décor range were, Clay & Aqua. (find the yarn here)

Customise your bag with any of the 16 colours, accessorise with buttons, and tassels!

The finished bag is approx 25cm tall from bottom and the base is approx 23cm in diameter

Find the free pattern here


  1. The Sea Glass Basket

Crochet basket seaglass blasket

Here is another simple basket called the Sea Glass Basket.

You can change the colours to make any basket to suit your home décor, or as a gift for someone special, or even a Christmas basket! The colours used from the Bernat Maker Home Decor range for this basket were:  Aqua, Cream & Steel Blue (find the yarn here)

Find the free pattern here

  1. Crocheted Linen Grocery Tote Bag

Crocheted grocery tote

What a great idea, this versatile bag can be used for your shopping and it’s always a good time to avoid the plastic bag in favour of an EARTH friendly one! It has all the conveniences of a plastic bag and none of the damage that plastic bags can cause. I respect that it scrunches up into a small ball inside my purse, weighs nothing, and fits more groceries than I could have imagined, it is just wonderful!  You can use any colour you wish to complete this project, with 16 colours to choose from in the Bernat Maker Home Decor range.

Find the free pattern here

  1. Bernat Handy Basket

Bernat maker crochet basket - store yarn bag

Bernat Maker Home Dec gives this crocheted basket its structure. What a great place to store your yarn! Very easy basket to make and it is a multipurpose basket for anything. Bernat Maker Home Decor range the colours used:  Steel Blue, Cream & Clay.

Free pattern here

  1. Vintage Market Tote

Crochet vintage bag color aqua bernat maker

Again another very versatile tote bag, you can either do your grocery shopping in style or use as handbag. Again you will be helping the environment.

This bag looks sophisticated and elegant, but is also practical at the same time!

Bernat Maker Home Decor range, the colour used:  Aqua.

Free pattern here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/vintage-market-tote


  1. Beachy Keen Tote Bag

Crochet beach basket

The finished bag measures 30.4cm x 30.4cm, not including the handles. This pattern only used a bit of over half a ball, so there was plenty of extra if you’d like to make your tote bag a bit bigger.

Bernat Maker Home Decor range.

Free pattern here

  1. Himalayan Basket

Himalayan crochet basket

You can never have too many baskets and this is a beautiful one. Use it to put your odds and ends or use it for your hand towels or dishcloths.

This baskets measures approximately 15cm x 28cm

Free pattern here




  1. kerrymethorst

    Hi, my names Kerry from Tasmania , i,m new to learning how to read patterns. This looks like the perfect place to start .Thank you heaps for making learning easy .

  2. Sara Prince

    Hello, I’m trying to make the Sea Glass Basket. I’m using the yarn and hook that’s called for in the pattern, but my circle keeps rippling. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent that, or will it work itself out as I get the sides up. I have ripped this thing out and started from the beginning a dozen times (no joke, a dozen times!). I’m concerned that it won’t look good if the bottom is rippling. I have 20 gauge wire for it. The wire did not straighten it out.

  3. Linda Tallmadge

    Looking to make baby blanket. How many skeins? Is it soft enough?

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