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I was watching my grandkids play with their toy kitchen and I thought it would be fun to crochet a few food items for them to play with, so they could create a tea party! I asked the kids what would they like me to crochet for their tea party? Donuts said one and then they all jumped up and down and said donuts Nannie donuts!!

I started to play with some shapes and sizes for the donuts and come up with this pattern, which I believe is the perfect size for kid’s donuts.

The yarn I have used is our beautiful Lily Sugar n Cream it is a very durable cotton with the most amazing colour range to choose from, this beautiful 100% cotton is easy to wash and great for kids to play with. You can also use any scrap yarn of a vibrant colour, to create decorations for the top of the donuts.

Below you will find our FREE pattern along with step by step instructions on how to make these crochet kids donuts.


  • Sew any decorations on the top of the donut before joining the two halves together.
  • Use scrap yarn for the decorations.
  • You can use a bigger sized hook, like a 4 or 5mm, it will create a slightly bigger donut.

Tools:Dsfhsrt 1

3.5mm crochet hook

Darning needle.

Stitch Marker



Yarn Lily Sugar n Cream yarn available in many different colourways.

Abbreviations used:

CH = chain

SC = single crochet

ST = stitch

SL = slip stitch

Free Pattern

Crochet Donuts that you can make in about 30 minutes, So lets begin!

Firstly, CH 15 then SL into first ST, this creates a circle for the middle of your donut.

Pic 1 1

1st Round

Pic 2

CH 1 which creates your first ST for this round SC x 1 into each ST around the circle, you should have 15 ST

2nd Round

Pic 3

SC x 1 into first ST, SC x 1 into next ST, then SC x 2 into next ST (your 3rd ST) , you will be increasing on every 3rd stitch this round, SC x 1 into next ST, SC x 1 into next ST, then in your 3rd ST again SC x 2 repeat around the circle SC x 1 into SC x 2 = 20 ST in total

3rd Round

Pic 4

SC x 1 into next 3 ST, then increase, SC x 2 into 4th ST continue around SC x 2 in every 4th ST = 25 ST

4th Round

Pic 5

SC x 1 into next 4 ST, then increase SC x 2 into 5th ST continue around = 30ST

5th Round

Pic 6

SC x 1 into next 5 ST, then increase SC x 2 into 6th ST continue around = 35 ST

Pic 7

Join into last ST, you have completed the first half of your donut.

Pic 8

Make two, with different colours, one being the bottom and the second one being your top.

Pic 9

Don’t forget, to decorate the top of the donut before sewing together, it is much easier than when joined together. Once you had made your 2 halves, we are now going to join them together.

Pic 11

Turn both sides so that the insides are facing each other, use your darning needle to sew together.

Pic 12

Once the middles are sewn together, we are now going to sew the outsides together, sew about half way around, then put in your stuffing, continue sewing until there is a small gap to put the remaining stuffing into your donut, make them firm, so put lots of stuffing inside!  

Pic 14  Img 4635

Finally sew the remaining outsides together and finish off any loose ends.

Donut 2


To Decorate your donuts, I just used any bright coloured scrap yarn and then sowed in sprinkle type shapes on the top of your donut.

You can create many different versions to look like icing and of course Chocolate was the most popular colour, so a Dark Brown top will be always a winner for the kids TEA PARTY!

For further guidance on how to make these Crochet Donuts, go to our American Yarns Video Channel on YouTube found here:



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