Anzac Day Poppies

This simple and easy pattern is a great way we can all show our respect to the ones we have lost and for the many woman and men fighting for our country today. These sweet little crochet poppies were created in under 30 minutes and would be the perfect addition to brighten up your clothing for either walking in the dawn parades, or simply out of honour and respect of our Anzacs on their special Remembrance Day.


  • Gift for Remembrance Day.
  • Wear yourself for the special day.
  • Below you will find our FREE pattern along with step by step instructions.

Free Pattern

Depending on the size, you can make these lovely little poppies in just a few minutes.

Tools = 4mm crochet hook, darning needle.

Yarn: Lily Sugar n Cream


CH = chain

SC = single crochet

ST = stitch

SL = slip stitch

Size = 4cm in diameter

Free Pattern

Complete a slip knot, Chain 4, join with SL into the first chain to form a circle.  CH1, (count this as your first SC) SC x 5 more into the circle, SL ST into the top of first ST to join = 6SC ST


(*SCX 1, DC X 3, into same ST, SC X 1 into same ST) , this completes your first petal,  skip next ST repeat petals around until you have 5 petals.  SL ST into first ST to join.  Fasten off and sew in ends with darning needle.

For the black centre, I used a few different types of ideas!  Black buttons are the easiest and usually, you will have few lying around somewhere in your sewing kit.

To pin to your clothing, I used a safety pin which was very easy to attach and un-attach!


Poppy flower crochet pattern 1 Poppy flower crochet pattern 2 Poppy flower crochet pattern 3 Poppy flower crochet pattern 4 Poppy flower crochet pattern 5 Poppy flower crochet pattern 6 Poppy flower crochet pattern main

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