Love at First Touch: Bernat Velvet Yarn Review

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Firstly, I think it is important to describe this product and then I will follow on with a review I personally wrote regarding my own experience using this yarn.

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So, let’s get started…. Bernat Velvet is the most beautiful soft lush feeling yarn I have ever used. This 10 Ply yarn, which is made from polyester, comes in 300-gram balls and has 12 beautiful soft shades ranging from, smoky, rich pastels to more natural darker colours, all featuring a natural shine. This velvet yarn works up into a lush, velvety knitted or crochet stich and is so gorgeously soft it just glides through your fingers when you are working with it, which makes this velvet yarn the ideal to use for any projects for your home décor, wonderful soft and lush for blankets and cushion covers, it is also great for scarves and beanies, it is so warm and soft on those cold wintery days and nights.

When I discovered this yarn I just knew it would be love at first touch. When Bernat Velvet became available for our company to purchase, of course I jumped at the chance and made an order straight away. Once my order was delivered I began to have a play crocheting a few different stich swatches just to see how it worked up and how each stich looked. Not only where my high expectations for this yarn met, but, as I described earlier in this post this beautiful Bernat Velvet yarn simply does just glides through your fingers with every new stich you make. Confirming everything about this yarn I just love.

Whilst researching velvet yarn I did discover that there really isn’t too many patterns available which use Bernat Velvet yarn, so I thought I could create a couple of my own patterns to share with you and show you all just how amazingly plush and beautiful this velvet yarn can be to work with, and maybe answer a few questions you may have along the way.

What is polyester velvet?

Polyester Velvet. is a seductively lustrous yarn with a featherlike softness and gorgeous sheen. It offers outstanding durability, insulation and wrinkle resistance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages I found using Bernat Velvet yarn?

It was all advantages for me, I found it so soft and lush, gliding through my fingers. There were no disadvantages for me.

What would I recommend creating, using this velvet yarn?

I can recommend using Bernat Velvet yarn for any of your home décor projects, but why stop there? The Bernat Velvet is a very versatile yarn and it only really comes down to your personal choice and what you want to create using it. I have found a few scarves, shawls and blanket patterns online that I will also share with you later in this post.

These projects will definitely be going on my “winter to do crochet list”, can you imagine how snuggly and warm you would be having a velvet scarf, velvet shawl or velvet blanket wrapped around you in the colder months of the year! Yes Please…

What is all the hype about Velvet?

As you have probably noticed, velvet décor is everywhere, whether you’re after a boho, vintage or retro inspired ‘look’, you are sure to see velvet featuring in most home décor and fashion magazines, media, and being used to style home transformations. From scatter cushions in all shapes and sizes that will make your room pop, gorgeous lush blankets and throws to fashion and accessories. Most boutiques and high-end stores all display and sell velvet décor, not to mention the substantially high price tag attached. So why give them your money when you could make your own, giving it your personal touch and flare and the bonus is, your bank statement will thank you.

Is it at an affordable cost and most importantly worth its price?

Yes, it is definitely worth the cost! Considering you are getting over 300 grams in each ball, I would say it is absolutely worth the cost. I only used 3 balls to create a lush cot blanket or lounge chair throw (see pattern below).

So, as you probably guessed by reading this review I have had a very positive experience using the Bernat Velvet yarn and would highly recommend it for knitting and crochet projects. If you would like to give this yarn a go to see for yourself just how divine it is and feels, please follow this link and it will direct you over to American Yarns. There you can choose from a selection of colours and make your purchase today, and in the coming weeks I will also make sure to share and include some other ideas and patterns I have found using Bernat Velvet yarn. We would love to hear your own experiences, opinions and feedback, both positive and negative after trying the Bernat Velvet yarn. Everyone has their yarn preferences and can experience different results but, in my opinion, it was truly love at first touch.

If you would like to make a gorgeous snuggly cot blanket or a lounge chair throw, below you will find the FREE pattern I used and wrote, available to you all.

Velvet Yarn Home Decor


White Velvet Baby Cot Blanket or Lounge Chair Throw

This beautiful velvet blanket can either be a baby blanket or a throw for your lounge chair. Not only is this velvet yarn easy to work with, the feel is soft and lush and an absolute pleasure to use.

Measures = 130 cm long 100cm wide
3 x balls of White Bernat Velvet yarn
Size 5mm crochet hook.
Darning needle


SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
TR – Treble Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
SL – Slip St
CH – Chain
ST – Stitch

To begin your bottom row, I found my stitches were to tight, please ensure you crochet loose chains on bottom row only.
Row 1
Chain 102 turn SC into second St and continue SC until end = 100 SC.
Row 2 to 3
Turn Ch 2 DC x 100, Turn CH 2 DC x 100 = 2 rows of DC
Row 4
Turn DC into first ST CH 1 skip next ST, DC into next CH 1 repeat across. = 50 Gaps
Row 5 to 7
Turn CH 2 DC into each ST = 100 repeat again = 2 rows

Row 8
Turn CH 2 SC into each ST make sure you finish on the back row.
Row 9
Turn CH 2 Bobble pattern (SC x 1 TR x 1 into same ST, Slip ST into next ST) repeat across. = 50 Bobbles
Row 10
Turn CH2 SC into each ST = 100
Row 11
Repeat Bobble ST across
Row 12
Turn CH2 SC into each ST -= 100
Row 13
Repeat Bobble ST across – you should have 3 rows of bobble ST with SC rows in between.
Row 14
Turn CH2 SC across = 100
Row 15
Repeat rows 2 to 14
Row 28 to 50
Turn CH2 HDC x 100 repeat next 22 rows
Row 50
SC x 100
Row 51
Turn CH 2 repeat Bobble ST across (SC x 1 TR x 1 into same ST, Slip ST into next ST)
Row 52
SC x 100
Row 53
Turn CH 2 repeat Bobble ST across (SC x 1 TR x 1 into same ST, Slip ST into next ST)
Row 54
SC x 100
Row 55 to 61
Turn CH2 HDC x 6 rows
Row 62
SC x 100
Row 63
Repeat Bobble ST (SC x 1 TR x 1 into same ST, Slip ST into next ST)
Row 64
SC x 100
Row 65
Repeat Bobble ST (SC x 1 TR x 1 into same ST, Slip ST into next ST)
Row 66
SC x 100
Row 67 to 89
Turn CH2 HDC x 22 rows
Repeat beginning of blanket Rows 2 to 28
Repeat bottom of blanket from your first section of rows 2 to 28
Finish off with a row of SC to match bottom end of blanket.
Continue around blanket with SC stitch to create a lovely boarder.
To Finish darn ends into blanket with large darning needle.

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