Crochet Baby Beanie

Crochet Baby Beanie

I got invited to a baby shower and could not think of a better gift than giving something handmade. Then I came across this soft and cuddly yarn and got hands on making a tiny baby beanie. I started by using some lovely pink Softee Baby yarn and then for a much softer touch I decided to add an edge with a yarn I saw recommended on a Youtube video (see below), it was the Bernat pipsqueak. Then I used the Weave stitch, because there is a lot of flexibility with this pattern and it goes pretty well in a range of colours. The finished hat looks very nice a is soft as a cloud.



The Weave stitch is good for beginners and the pattern is also easy. However, because the Bernat pipsqueak yarn is very fluffy, It makes the crochet process slow and the crocheter has to be very careful with every stitch. In other words, this yarn makes it difficult to see your stitches, so it is necessary to “feel” for each stitch. For an experienced crocheter, it might be sort of tiring but she will find her way and have no issues with this beautiful yarn. For more a unexperienced crocheter it can be frustrating, in that case, I would recommend a substitute, like Bernat baby blanket, red heart buttercup or a similar beginner friendly yarn.

Tools 3.5 mm crochet hook, darning needle.


  1. Bernat Softee Baby yarn – Pink
  2. Redheart yarn – Silk
  3. Bernat pipsqueak – Whitey White


Ch = chain
Dc = double crochet
SC = single crochet
St = stitch
Sl = slip stitch

Pattern Baby Beanie Bernat Softee baby

Weave stitch

Create magic circle dc x 12 into circle, sl st into top of first st to join.


dc x 2 into first st, (dc x 2) into every stitch around = 24 st’s, sl st to join

Dc x 2 into first st, dc x 1 into next stitch, repeat around = 36 st’s, sl st to join.

Dc x 2 into first st, dc x 1 into next stitch dc x 1 into next st, repeat around = 48 st’s, sl st to join.

Dc behind post in first st repeat into next st, dc in front of post into next 2 posts, repeat this pattern all way round

Repeat row 5

Repeat ROUND 5

Dc in opposite, Dc in front of post for first 2 st’s, dc behind post in next 2 st’s, repeat this for 3 rounds

Repeat 2 more sets of ROUND 5 and ROUND 8.

Edging – Bernat Pipsqeak yarn.
To finish edge, sc into each st all way around twice,

Red Heart silk flower

Create magic circle, sc x 10 into circle

Sc into fist st, into same st, dc x 3 sc x 1 sl st into next st, repeat all way around until you have 5 petals.
Sew piece of wool or button into middle of flower.

Finished crochet baby beanie pink white with silk flower