A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Crochet Yarns

Knowing the different types of crochet yarns is essential to loving the craft and in effectively learning how to crochet. It also enables beginners to practice swatches and stitches so you can confidently call yourself a crocheter soonest.

The Different Types of Yarns

Wool Yarn

For beginners, wool is the best among the different types of crochet yarns. The wool yarn is forgiving when it comes to stitching mistakes. You can easily unravel it and start over. We highly recommend starters to use this yarn especially if they aren’t allergic to it.

Acrylic Yarn

An acrylic yarn is just fine for beginners. It is widely available, comes in different colors, and is more affordable compared to other types of crochet yarns. However, some of the most affordable acrylic yarns are more difficult to use so you may find crocheting a bit more challenging.

Cotton Yarn

If you are learning to crochet during summer time and you got allergies to wool yarn, then the cotton yarn is your best bet. When the temperature is hot and dry, it makes it hard for anyone to work with a wool yarn for a crochet project, making the cotton yarn a great choice instead. However, unlike the wool yarn, it isn’t elastic so it may also be challenging to use.

When crocheting using a pattern, it is usually indicated which among the types of crochet yarns to use. We suggest that you simply follow the recommended yarn until you’re experienced enough to substitute it.

These 3 are just the basic types of crochet yarns, and in our succeeding blog posts, we will be tackling more about the other kinds of yarn fibers that you can use. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the yarn section on our website to see and shop for the types of crochet yarns that we have by clicking here.


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