Where to find Red Heart Yarn in Australia – baby



Our goal is to make available in Australia every single variation of Red Heart yarns at a very competitive price and short delivery times.

Currently we stock:

Red Heart Super Saver

Red Heart Scrubby

Red Heart Unforgettable

Red Heart Soft

Red Heart Grande – Super bulky yarn 14ply

Red Heart with Love (4 shades)

If you are interested in a different yarn from Red Heart that we do not stock or more colours from the ones we stock. Please email us at admin@americanyarns.com.au and we will source it for you :)

Some history:

Before starting American Yarns, I spent quite a few hours browsing online trying to find some of the beautiful Red Heart Yarns I had seen before. To my surprise, most suppliers were/are located in the America or the UK and it was very difficult to find a local supplier in Australia.  Furthermore, every time I looked online I encountered the many ads from the same big big suppliers overseas. All of them offering the yarn in their local currencies and postage costs to Australia were outrageously expensive.

Recently, it has all changed. The shops overseas noticed our passion for crochet and knitting in Australia and are now offering Red Heart yarns in Australian dollars at very competitive prices and what is even better, they even offer free delivery on orders above certain values.

Very big brands like Lovecrechet.com and deramores.com are pushing their products and have now taken over Google’s search results blanketing the screen with their paid ads, providing a wide range of American Yarns that can be purchased in Australian dollars.

Paid results for red heart yarn in australia
So many ads!

At American Yarns we understand that this is how a competitor works and that big corporations are engaged in a race to keep growing their market share. However, American Yarns exists because we love crochet and knitting, we also get very excited whenever we get to try new high quality yarns. With that in mind, we only bring to Australia the yarns that are not easily available in our currency. Hence, if you are trying to find a specific range of Red Heart Yarn that is not easily available in Australia, we would like to source it for you.

So far, we have noticed that Lovecrochet.com and deramores.com stock some of the Red Heart baby range in a wide variety of colours and great prices! for that reason we won’t be interfering with them and instead we will focus on satisfying your love for yarn and bring the baby yarns that they are not sourcing yet.

Red Heart Yarn Lovecrochet.com Loveknitting.com deramores.com
Baby 2.48 2.48 2.79
Baby Steps 3.67 3.67 3.99
Baby Steps Prints N/A 6.45 N/A
Baby Steps Spray N/A N/A 5.49

With more than a hundred varieties of just the Red heart brand still not available in our country, there are many wonderful projects that are being neglected. We are resolved to fix this problem and bring the missing varieties, so you and I can crochet or knit those baby blankets and toys we have been planning for a while.

Red Heart Baby range:

Red Heart Buttercup:

  • Red heart buttercupSuper Bulky (5-6 wpi) (Ravelry)
  • 67% Polyester 33% Nylon (Polyamide)
  • 58 meters – 50 grams

Super soft and snuggly! Very light and airy yarn that will help you crochet or knit up quickly

Pros: very soft to the touch, perfect for babies.

Cons: novice crocheters can find the yarn difficult to work with because of its fluffiness.

Very hard to find the stitches with the crochet hook. But, knitted it is beautiful.

Pattern ideas:

Baby booties, sweaters, baby blankets, toys and hats.

Where to buy in Australian dollars:

We stock several shades of Red Heart Buttercup for AUD $9.95. Fispond.com.au stocks it with prices ranging: $9.45 – $14.95, and on Yarnover.com.au it is available for pre-order at only AUD $7.00 plus shipping.


Baby clouds Yarn:

  • Red heart baby cloudsSuper Bulky (5-6 wpi) (Ravelry)
  • 100% Acrylic
  • 128 meters – 170 grams
  • 8.0 sts = 4 inches

This textured, bulky weight yarn is soft and light as a cloud.

Pros: Soft and Light

Cons: It splits a lot.

  • Wears and tears easily with normal use and machine wash  
  • the yarn is very fluffy and it makes it very difficult to  see the stitches well enough to see what you’re doing.
  • Babies and toddlers can pull out wisps of yarn and put them in their mouths.

Pattern ideas: Very good for blankets that everyone wants to touch and snuggle in. Also toys and winter hats.

Where to buy in Australian dollars: We could not find a single source to buy this yarn is AUD.



Red Heart Cutie Pie Yarn:

  • Red heart cutie pie yarnWorsted / 10 ply
  • 100% Polyester
  • 298 meters / 100 grams

The two words that best describe this yarn are: Light and SOFT.

Pros: Good for large projects using simple stitches

Cons:  It sticks to needles and hooks

  • the fuzz comes  off easily, so we would not recommend it for baby items it also snaps easily.
  • Very difficult to undo when you make a mistake, so it can be frustrating to work with.

Pattern ideas:

Would work well for an adult sweaters that can last all winter or a warm set of slippers! and maybe a nice set of fluffy socks.

Where to buy in Australian dollars:  we are looking at stocking this yarn if we recieve enough enquries, you can also go to stuff4crafts they stock the koala colour for AUD $5.63



We are completely addicted to the Red Heart range and have spent countless hours browsing their site, with over a 100 different types of yarn on their online store, I never get bored of browsing their many options and if I could,  my house would be covered in yarn of all colours.

Yarn pending to be reviewed:

Z – Baby Econo Yarn

Lolli Yarn

Snuggle Bunny Yarn

Gundrop Yarn

Z – Baby Sheen Yarn

Plush Baby Yarn

Baby TLC Yarn

Anne Geddes Baby Yarn

Baby Hugs Yarn

If you have a spare minute, please leave a comment below to let us know which Red Heart yarn you have been trying to find and the colours you would love to have and we will do our best to bring them and have them available for all you future projects.

Happy knitting and crocheting :-)


  1. Diana

    i have only just started using red heart instead of bendigo mill wools and love it,
    Id be interested in anything that is soft. thankyou for making this available in australia.
    Happy knitting/crocheting


  2. Pauline

    Hi Diana, thank you for your message, we stock the Red Heart Soft range, it is beautiful yarn and easy to knit or crochet those wonderful Free Red Heart patterns that are available online. We can source most of their very large range of yarn and colours.

    Thank you once again

    Kind regards

  3. Jan pittin

    I am looking to source some red heart yarn r h boutique unforgettable stained glass would you have any or know where I might find it please.

    1. Shaz

      I am also looking for this yarn Jan, thanks for asking the question

      1. Pauline

        Hi Shaz and Jan. We can source the yarn, please send us an email to info@americanyarns.com.au stating colours and quantities and we will come back to you with a quote and an estimated time of delivery.
        Thank you

  4. aussiebushgirl

    Yarnover in Brisbane (formerly known as “American Yarns”) continues to stock all American yarns in Australia. They’ve been the premier supplier of American yarn here for years. Wasn’t sure if you knew that? When I found your website today, I thought my eyes were deceiving me! ;-) But, it’s always nice to know there is competition out there, and I’m happy to support your new shop. Am placing my order today.

    Will you be stocking Bernat Softee Chunky at any point in the future? Also, I’ve been chasing the Caron Tulip Etimo 10.0mm/N hook, and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Do you have any plans to stock hooks in the future too, or perhaps have a contact in the US who can ship one out to me? The Tulip Etimo is a favourite with me, but difficult to source here, particularly as a single entity and not part of collection of hooks.

    Best of luck with your new venture!
    Cheers, heather

    1. ftupw

      Dear Heather, thank you for your lovely message. Yes we do stock the Bernat Softee Chunky, we are just out of stock and waiting on our new shippment to arrive! have you tried the Bernat Softee Baby Chunky, the same but it has a beautiful shine to it!

      I will try to source the hook for you no problem and yes it is our intention to add some hooks and needles to our website!

      Thank you again Heather for your support and we look forward to assisting you in the future of any stock you want, just let us know. My direct email is pauline@americanyarns.com.au

      Kind regards

  5. Lola

    Where can I buy The Red Heart products to knit for Premmie Babies around the wollongong area.Have seen some in Big W is there any where else I can buy different colours please.Much appreciated

    1. Pauline

      Dear Lola, we do stock some of the Red Heart ranges of yarn, but there is over 800 choices, is there any particular range you are after in the Red Heart, as we can order for you anytime.
      American Yarns Australia

  6. Tracey

    I have just recently started crochet with the red heart GUMDROP i think i have bought out all stock from big w in my area could you please tell me where i could get more

    1. Pauline

      thank you Tracey, we can always order what you ever you wish in the Red Heart range, it is hard to stock as there is over 800 different ranges in Red Heart!

      1. Tracey

        Could you tell me where you are situated
        As im in great need of more GUMDROP wool and if i could have a price per ball that would be awesome

        1. Pauline

          Dear Tracey, the cost is $9.95 per ball it comes in 10 different colours.

          we are based in Armadale, Melbourne Victoira

          Kind regards

  7. Crystal

    Hi there, I plan on making a baby blanket for a friend of mine and have just come across Red Hearts Baby Hugs yarn, do you stock any of that at all? If not could you please direct me on another suitable alternative for a baby blanket? I haven’t used very many brands before and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Pauline

      Dear Crystal, yes we can get this Red Heart Baby Hugs yarn for you no problem! the alternative is the Bernat range for baby blankets it is a beautiful soft yarn, all available on our website for online orders. Kind regards American Yarns

  8. Deb

    I am after 4 x balls Red Heart. super Saver in Macaw. Do you stock this?

    1. Pauline

      Hi Deb, yes we do and can get the stock anytime. Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Barbara Spencer

    Am looking for verigated Red Heart Super Saver or With Love in Western Australia please.

    1. Pauline

      Hi Barbara, We currently stock the verigated shades of Red Heart Super Saver: Artist, Icelandic, Monet, and Zebra. But, we can source most variations of Super saver or With Love withing 10 working days. Just send us a message to admin@americanyarns.com.au with the colours you are interested in.

  10. J Davidson

    What ply is Red Heart Baby Hugs Light? Thank you

    1. Pauline

      According to Ravelry Standard Yarn Weights, the Red Heart Baby Hugs
      Name: Worsted
      Ply (UK, NZ, AU): 10 ply
      Knit gauge (4 in / 10 cm): 20 stitches
      Yarnstandards.com 4: Medium

  11. Melissa

    Hello, I am interested in Red Heart Gumdrop in 6 different colours

    1. Pauline

      Hello Melissa
      thank you for your message
      Please tell us how many of each colour and can source them in around 14 days

      thank you

  12. Johanna

    I think you guys do a fantastic job. I started needle crafting few months ago and realised quickly how hard it is to source yarn that is 10 ply and over here in Australia. I live in country WA and cannot justify driving 300km return to spotlight, plus their selection is not necessarily great, nor are their prices or their P&H charges. Ordering straight from the US through Amazon or Yarnspiration is ridiculously expensive I did found loveknitting.com but I because I like to order for a few projects at the time it seems they are always out of stock of something so I cant never complete an order. Then I found you, and you do have a very good selection, decent prices and PH charges, plus you do source specific colours / yarn or back order when we ask. Your customer service is great. Keep up the good work !

  13. Dorothy Uys

    I am looking for one ball of Red Heart Soft Baby Steps 8ply colour 80367948 Aqua, 100g

  14. Serin Lynn

    I can’t find Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle yarn anywhere. Doesn’t anyone crochet scrubbies in Aus? Wish I’d stocked up before leaving the US. Is this something you’d consider stocking please? I’m after the yellow and avocado green yarns to make pineapples!

  15. Rhonda

    What ply is Red Heart Reflective yarn please

    1. Jasmine

      Hi Rhonda, the Red Heart Reflective yarn is a 12 ply.

  16. Katryn Bronson

    Thank for premier sweel roll so easy knit with no knotts like carron cakes d9es

  17. Bernadette

    Hi could you please let me know where I could get red heart Aran. I am a ball short of white. I bought it from Big W

    1. Pauline

      I am sorry to say, but this stock is not available any longer, the Aran range is discontinued stock.

  18. Josephine Anker

    Hi. I am looking for Red Heart Super Saver Favorite Stripe, Parrot Stripe and Ombré Bluetiful. I need four balls of each. Can you help?

    1. Jasmine

      Yes we can help, we have all three items yours after, some are out of stock and some we have in stock, either way you’re welcome to put through an order and any out of stock items will be placed on backorder and ordered through our stockist.

      Please head to our website to find all three items.

  19. julie

    Hi, I am after 2 skeins of super saver ombre 3963 Baja Blue, is there somewhere in Bendigo that I can buy it please

  20. Kate Bronson

    I would like to say how great service any wonderful you guys are

  21. Kate Bronson

    I would like to thank the ladies for once get dor the promptness in all all my orders cant thankyou enough i love you guys i cant thankyou enough till my next order

  22. Jeanette Stillman

    Have bought Red Heart Super Saver from you before, love the yarn, however I bought Red Heart Aran (huge 300g ball I think) from Big W and have made 6 blankets with it. Big W no longer stocks it and I haven’t seen it on Red Heart page. Is this beautiful yarn still available, if not what is a substitute? Many thanks

  23. Maria Bown

    Is Blue Heart eco ways discontinued?

    1. Jasmine

      We dont stock this yarn so we are unsure if it has been discontinued or not.

  24. Col killmier

    Hi ..are you able to source red heart loopy yarns for finger knitting



  25. Ann Ranieri

    Do you stock red heart team spirit and what is cosr

  26. Glenda maher

    Hi do you stock red heart poolling yarns or can you get this yarn for me thanks Glenda

  27. Rhonda

    Hi hoping you can help what ply is Red Hearts Medium, I have a pattern for baby booties using Red Heart yarn.
    What do they mean by Medium

  28. Lynne Olsen-Loose

    I was wondering if there is any 8ply yarn? One that the yarn is smooth? I want to be able to see my stitches when I crotchet
    Thank you

  29. Zina Liekefett

    Hi there. I’m hoping you have, or, can suggest a substitution, for Red Heart Hygge Charm. The pattern reads it is an acrylic soft yarn with a little bit of sparkle. The colours are Starlight and Shooting Star. With thanks, Zina.

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