Crochet and knitting fashion trends for 2017

Everyone knows beautiful knits are a wardrobe staple for the cooler months, but it’s time to take a crash course in crochet, because the next few Spring / Summers are all about needlework!

Whether you dare to bare in a beautifully crafted bikini or simply rock some super cute crochet at Coachella, we can assure you there’s something for everyone on the up and coming fashion fronts!


Whilst the iconic patterns of knitwear fashion house Missoni adorn the catwalks consistently, it’s not unusual to see most designers parade sweet crochet garments and lighter knits in warmer seasons.  Tommy Hilfiger& Moschino showed some beautiful bright pieces on recent runways around the world during fashion week.  From dresses and skirts to coats and hats … Or were they tea cosies?

Not only is this sustainable fashion, but it’s fun! Moschino’s Resort 17 collection catered for both sexes and had a very 70’s psychedelic feel!  Flower Power and Free Love oozed from most outfits provoking nostalgia and inner commentary such as, ‘Thatdress looks just like one of the blankets my grandma makes.’

Crochet pants and top

‘I’m sure my mum had a top like that when she was 19 … Wait … Is that my mum when she was 19?’ And … ‘I could totally make that outfit myself!’

Tommy Hilfiger’s ready to wear collection for this spring was more ‘BeachBoho’, featuring plenty of pretty crochet in an array of beautiful colours!  The almost Jamaican inspired collection culminated in the models walking through a waterway runway no less, to Bob Marley’s ‘Could You Be Loved’.

Orange pants flowers and necklace

Dresses, cover-ups and swimwear paired with rainbow striped beanies were the order of the day and those adept with their pins surely can’t help but be inspired by both the design and the craftsmanship.   Judging by the size of the bikinis we doubt it would take much yarn to knock one of those bad boys up!  Beautiful beanies are always a crowd pleaser and of course, fit for every season!  With this consistent trend easily carried through to autumn / winter it’s the perfect accessory and we wouldn’t be surprised if you have to keep hiding it from the men in your life!  Again, not much yarn needed to create the beanies and with online tutorials readily available all over the internet, if you get started now you may just have it finished by Christmas!
Tommy hilfiger1


As with most catwalk fashion, our high streets stores have done a great job of mirroring the trends and you can find plenty of cute and affordable crochet garments for sale in the likes of Zara and Forever 21 at the moment.  These beautiful knits will brighten up any summer outfit and although most of the pieces transport me straight back to my late teens, they still delight!  We all know that everything ‘fashion’ comes back around and I would be lying if I said I haven’t uttered at least once, ‘Why didn’t I keep that top?!’  But then I think I say that at some point every season!

Festival season is also almost just around the corner and everyone knows that crochet is a much a stapleon the festival fashion circuit, as feathers and fringes!  Nothing compliments the comfortable laid back feel of a festival like beautifully crafted crochet, whether it’s a top, shorts, a dress ora bag; there’s something for everyone:  From the fanatical fashionista to the high street honey there’s an ensemble or accessory to suit!Layer an open crochet top or vest over a singlet, pair it with denim shorts, pretty sandals and of course; your favourite hat and sunnies for effortless festival fashion!

Granny square dress zara

Call it kitsch or ‘Granny chic’, but according to the catwalk, crochet is here to stay!  Invest wisely in a timeless piece for this year’s summer wardrobe and you’ll be ahead of the style game this time next year!  On the flip side, if like me, all this darn wool (do you see what I did there?!) has spoken straight to your creative side; then you have plenty of time to pick up some pins and perfect some custom made crochet for the coming seasons!  You can start simple with a scarf or a choker, maybe even a bag or some socks and we’re sure that, in no time at all and with the help of the hundreds of online communities, forums and tutorials you will advance from amateur to a seasoned stitcher who could give anyone’s nanna a run for their money!   As an added extra bonus, (as if ending up with some cool custom clobber wasn’t enough!) Knitting and crocheting, along with most creative pass-times, are not only a much better way to spend an evening than in front of the goggle-box, but a great way to align with the present moment!

Zara crochet top

Anything ‘involved’ which requires your presence, focus and attention to the task on hand is a great way to be in the now!  So there you have it!  You’re being constructive, creative and conscious all at the same time! What more convincing do you need?   Ok Ok … But this is the trump card. (Am I allowed to mention Trump?  I guess it’s kind of fitting really as we’ve always been a wee bit suspicious he wears weave!)  If the silence doesn’t quite float your boat, why not grab your girlfriends, buy some bubbles and get together one night a month for a good old fashioned knitting bee!   Like I said before; everything comes around again right?  Have yarn :  Will yarn!  Even the word itself has a double entendre and we don’t think it could be more fitting!  Don’t forget to snap, pin and post photographs of your gorgeous new creations!  Tag your suppliers and inspire your friends and who knows, through the powers of social media, maybe you will be among the pioneers of a new old trend yourself!

Crochet blouse zara



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