Granny Stitch Funky Chain Décor

The inspiration behind these ‘Granny Stitch’ chains comes from my childhood memories spending lunchtime at school sitting in circles chatting with friends, busily making as many bright decorative chains as we could, whether they were made from paper or from daisies. Can you remember doing this too? So, I thought why not recreate a fun childhood memory and make decorative granny stitch crocheted chains instead. It’s super easy and it is also a great way to add a pinch of colour and Christmas magic to any area or space in your home. Not only do these funky chains look amazing hanging on the Christmas tree, mantel, fireplace or even draped over the Christmas table, they can also be easily stored away for next year saving time and money for the next festive embellishing.

I used all the brightest left-over yarns I could find, mainly using Caron Simply Soft Party yarn and blends of all my  Mandala bits and pieces I have left over. I found by mixing the brightest colours with each other it gave the Christmas Chains that extra pop of colour that looks stunning when joined all together.

Caron Simply Soft Party yarn is boundless for any Christmas decorations, with its sparkle thread woven through the yarn, it surely is great yarn for any Christmas decoration.  It comes in 12 beautiful sparkling colours, it’san 8ply yarn and comes in 85g balls. 

Caron simply soft party yarn for christmas chain decor

Mandala Lion Brand yarn has the most vibrant colours in its cake shape balls and the colours mix and match very well with each other.  This is light weight yarn, I would say more a very fine 8ply.  The colour range has over16 colours, that come in 150g balls.

Mandala yarns collage

You can use this pattern as a guide to follow, or why not create your own design of chains and colour combinations. However, if you would like to create these super bright and funky chains my way, here is how to do it!!!

Material you will need:

  • Yarn: 8 Ply: variety of yarn brighter the colours the better for this project
  • 5mm Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors


CH = chain

DC = Double Crochet

ST = Stitch

Christmas chain chart

Free Pattern:

CH 30 +3 turn and DC into 2nd Stitch -= 2 x DC. (the 3 chains counts as the 1st DC,  CH 1, skip next stitch, DC x 2 into next ST, CH 1,  skip next stitch, DC x 2 into next repeat until last stitch, CH 1 then DC x 2 into last stitch, CH 2 DC x 2 again into same stitch, continue around the CH on the other side and DC x 2 into each CH, same as other side, repeat till end and continue around the oval shape.

Change colour and repeat around again with the same pattern, repeat 3 colour changes to create the ‘Christmas effect.’

Once completed loop into one another and pin together, then sew together to form the chain.

If you would like to visually see how these chains are made, we have just uploaded our very first homemade video tutorial for our crochet Christmas Chains pattern.You can view the video by following the below link to our very own YouTube Channel called American Yarns.

Merry Christmas

Granny stitch funky chain decor sections
Granny stitch funky chain decor 2 sections progress

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