Top 10 Easiest Crochet Top Patterns

Through crocheting, you can make a number of handmade crafts including tops which can be a little bit challenging. However, among the many top patterns which can be found online, there are those which can be considered the easiest and can be made even by beginners.

1. Simone’s Open Wave Shawl
This open shawl is one of the quickest crochet patterns to make. It has a cool modern look together with the unevenness of the shawl which makes it perfect for casual or dressy occasions.

2. Crochet Summer Colorblock Top
With colors perfect for the summer season, this top pattern can be made even by beginners. The colorblocking gives it a perfect look while still giving contrast to the colors.

3. Autumn Shawl
The shawl has deep earthy colors which gives it an autumn vibe. The pattern is for all skill levels which make it possible for beginners to crochet their own. Shawls offer breezy warmth that lets you breathe while still keeping you covered.

4. Open Pattern Poncho
The pattern has an open and fishnet design which gives it a modern look which is made for crocheters of all skill levels. It’s also easy and fun to make which will give you a great time.

5. Bohemian Pullover
This colorful sweater is one of the easiest pullovers to make which is also perfect for the colder months. Not only is it comfortable, it is also durable as well.

6. Cool Summer Hoodie
If you ever wanted to wear a hoodie during the summer season don’t want to feel hot in it, this pattern would be perfect for you. It is for all skill levels and all ages.

7. Horizontal Sweater
This easy pattern is made with thick yarns but is very lightweight which gives it a unique look. If you want to wear something cozy and comfy, this would be the best choice.

8. Set the Trend Poncho
This poncho is made with various colors which suits all ages and would definitely set the trend. Not only that, it is also easy to make.

9. Flower Hill Pullover
For those who want something fashionable and comfortable pullover, this pattern is guaranteed to be both. No matter what shade you choose, you will be able to easily make this pattern.

10. Textures Crochet Top Pattern
This easy crochet pattern is lightweight with short sleeves and a lacy design and is perfect for the spring and summer season.

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  1. Christine

    Good morning

    Can you please send me the pattern of number 2 Crochet Summer block top ?

    I am very much a beginner and would like to try making a top.

    Thank you

    Kind regards Christine

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