Why Crocheters and Knitters Love Lion Brand

Yarn quality is one of the most important things to consider when crocheting and knitting. So if you want a good quality yarn, you should choose a trustworthy yarn brand and when it comes to trustworthiness, there will be no other yarn that will exceed Lion Brand.

More Than a Century of Quality Service

Lion Brand is the oldest known yarn brand in the United States with more than 100 years of trustworthy service. For generations, Lion Brand has been an important part in the projects of knitters and crocheters and still remains an integral part of a number of projects.

Good Quality Yarn

Since it began the production of its yarns, Lion Brand has already received its Wool Mark for excellence. Though Lion Brand is not the first yarn brand which existed during their time, they were the first yarn to receive the coveted award.

A Number of Favourite Yarns

Among the many yarns which Lion Brand offers, there are those which remain the favourite of many crocheters and knitters over the years. Homespun which is one of Lion Brand’s yarns began the trend for novelty yarns in the mass market and is still a favourite American made yarn after more than 10 years. Fun Fur ignited a craze and helped bring knitting back into popularity for a younger consumer.

Contributes to the Culture, Vibrancy and Vitality

In 2003, The Council of the City of New York gave a certificate to the Lion Brand Yarn Company which honours their contribution to the culture, vibrancy and vitality of the city. Not only has Lion Brand Yarn become a big influence in the fashion of the citizens, it has also helped in the aesthetic and cultural improvement of New York City.

Helps Those in Need

Lion Brand knows how to help those in need through their yarns. One of their yarns known as Vanna’s choice is the first celebrity licensed yarn. A portion of the proceeds of the yarn goes to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which can greatly help in the study and research of different diseases and cures for children.

Lots of Free Patterns

Lion Brand owns a website which has the list of yarns they offer together with tutorials for those who are learning to crochet and knit for the first time. Along with the many other things on their site, Lion Brand has over 5,000 free knitting, crochet and craft patterns.

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