10 Ways Crocheting Helps You De-Stress

Daily stresses that pile up can be severely debilitating and worse, can even lead to depression. This is why experts advise that people who are under stress should start having hobbies that can help them calm down and shift their focus.

There are many activities you can do to prevent yourself from over thinking and wallowing in self-pity when the going gets tough and life seems to enjoy throwing lemons at you. These include dancing, meditating, travelling, getting into music, and planting among others, but of course we’ll always choose crocheting.

There are more than enough reasons for you to stick to crocheting regularly or to learn the art of it in case you’re a newbie. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, doing repetitive tasks like knitting, crocheting, and sewing have the same effect as yoga and meditation when it comes to prompting our body’s relaxation response. This means that you have scientific evidence to defend yourself when your hubby, kids, and friends start complaining about you making too much scarves, beanies, dresses, and even crocheted minions.

Other than these, here are 10 ways crocheting can help you live a stress-free life:

1. It fuels your creativity and productivity

If you aren’t feeling good about yourself and your performance in school or at work, crocheting helps rebuild your self-esteem. It puts you to creative and productive mode.

2. It interrupts your negative thoughts

Sometimes, we all get too pessimistic and many of us can’t fight the negative thoughts in our heads, but when you start to crochet, you shift your mind to it and eventually forget about your worries.

3. It helps you fall asleep

Crocheting helps those who are suffering from insomnia because they are counting threads instead and the calming motion sets their eyes and body to slumber.

4. It improves your concentration

When we are stressed, we tend to lose our focus and crocheting just helps us get back to our senses. Crochet requires following patterns so you improve your level of concentration as you go along and indulge in this hobby over time.

5. It helps you calm down

Crocheting requires you to be careful with stitching the yarns together so the manner it is done literally helps you calm your nerves and let go of the jitters.

6. It uses less physical energy so you don’t really get tired easily doing it

Unlike any other hobbies like sports, crocheting can be done comfortably even in your PJs while sitting down on your soft couch. Because you do it carefully, you don’t really use up a lot of your energy, which is the reason why you still enjoy doing it even after several hours.

7. It gives you better ability to cope with physical or mental illness

Crocheting is something that can be done even if you don’t feel physically or mentally well. In fact, it puts your mind to a calmer space, helping you relax and recuperate from any form of sickness faster.

8. It reduces the risk of cognitive impairment associated with aging

As we age, cognitive impairment becomes unstoppable. You can even notice how you lose your memory slowly and how your brain’s ability to absorb information diminishes. Great thing crocheting puts your mind to work each time to challenge yourself to try new and more complex patterns.

9. It keeps you interested

Stress makes us lose interest in life, which is why many people shut themselves from the world. However, when you have that grain of hope in your heart and you use it to do something to keep yourself occupied such as crocheting, you are helping yourself to get back your zest for life.

10. It saves you from overeating

Stress often leads us to do impulsive behaviours like overeating and over-spending, so before you regret the extra weight you gain and the amount of money you squander, keep calm and crochet. Not only will you save money and keep your figure, but you will also enjoy every finished product you make.

You see, crocheting is more than just a pastime. It helps you keep your senses and both your physical and mental health. So, next time you’re feeling down or stressed or depressed, stitch away your worries! Check out and try our FREE patterns today.

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