6 Celebrities That Crochet

Whoever said that crocheting is only for the old and boring is totally wrong! Hey, even celebrities love the art as much as we do! Don’t believe us, here are 6 international celebs (out of the many others) who love to crochet:

Trisha Yearwood

Yes, the singer who made the song How Do I Live? is also a yarnie.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

She starred in many movies including Chicago, The Terminal, and Oceans Twelve, but the most remarkable movie she’s been casted for was the Mask of Zorro. Now, isn’t crocheting for hot ladies too?

Debra Messing

She is famous for her role as Grace Adler in the NBC sitcom Will & Grace which ran for 8 years. Debra once donated a crocheted square for a Celebrity Charity Blanket.

Eva Longoria

Calling out all the desperate housewives who got their marriages on the rocks, perhaps you can just keep calm and crochet instead just like the TV sitcom’s star.

Vanna White

She is one of the world’s favourite TV personalities, and is well-known as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune since 1982. She loves crocheting so much that she even partnered with a yarn brand and came up with her own line called Vanna’s Choice.

Aretha Franklin

One of the best singers in Hollywood ever, popular for her songs like Rolling in the Deep and I Say A Little Prayer, Aretha is said to be a huge fan of pineapple stitch.

Aren’t these celebs inspire you more to be good at crocheting? Now, how can you not love the craft after knowing that even busy celebrities like them still find time to do something they love that is crocheting?

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