8 Crochet Bikini Patterns for the Summer

Summertime isn’t perfect without going for a swim and swimming means preparing a bikini. If you love crocheting as well as swimming, you can start crocheting your own sexy and fabulous bikinis. Here are 8 crochet bikini patterns you can start before summertime begins:

1. Bikini Ciclamino

Bikini ciclamino
Vintage has been making a comeback and that includes vintage bikinis. This crochet bikini pattern is bringing vintage back without taking away its fabulous and sexy look. Not only that, it also includes an accompanying monokini which makes it irresistible for ladies to not want to make one of their own. This can be considered an intermediate pattern.

The free pattern is offered as a pdf download via Crochet Pattern Central.

2. 95-26 Bikini Top with tassels

95-26 bikini top with tassels
If you’re one of those ladies who want their midsections hidden for various reasons and still want to look gorgeous in the traditional bikini attire during summer, this crochet pattern is the perfect project for you. This tankini can be accessorized by adding in some beads on the tassels to give it a more dazzling appearance from its original casual beach look.

This pattern is available for free

3. Bikini (crochet)

Bikini crochet orange
This crochet bikini pattern by Patons is intended for those who love to stick to the classics. Even though the design is simple, it still gives off the gorgeous and alluring look any bikini would give. You can customize the colors into whichever you like and can even make your own color combination. Compared to other crochet bikini patterns, this is one of the easiest since there won’t be a lot of details needed.

This pattern is available for free

4. Crochet Bikini Adria

Crochet bikini adria
Fashion Martina’s crochet bikini pattern is known to be one of the favorites on Ravelry. One of the reasons why is because of its low level of difficulty. Together with its fashionable and appealing look, no one would be able to deny that many would end up liking its halter-neck and fitted style. It comes with Rio pants and a very well shaped top which is suitable for cups B and C.
This pattern is available for free on Ravelry

5. Sizzling Pineapple Crochet Monokini

Sizzling pineapple crochet monokini
This crochet monokini is similar to that which is usually seen being worn by the Kardashians. This intermediate crochet pattern is known to be the shining star of monokinis. The pattern can be made in small and large sizes but there are others which offer a similar pattern which doesn’t have a definite size and can be adjusted to certain sizes.

This is a paid pattern

6. Rio Bikini & Coverup

Rio bikini and coverup
Made by Lion Yarn, this bikini pattern comes with a cover up which makes it look cute. The pattern originally uses bright colors which is perfect for the summer but also allows the crocheters to change the colors to whichever fits their tastes. Although it looks simple, this is a fairly difficult pattern to make which would require experience but it’s definitely worth the time and effort after you finished making it.

This pattern is available for free

7. White Lace Top

White lace crochet top
From Fabi Correa, this lace top bikini pattern is made with soft yarn which makes it look very comfortable. Together with the wide banded crochet square bottoms, it’s undoubtedly one of the most comfortable crochet bikinis that can be made. If you’re a fan of side tie bottoms or those bikinis that fit perfectly and comfortably, this is the crochet bikini pattern for you.

This is a paid pattern available at Ravelry

8. Summer Sweetheart

Summer sweetheart
Though there are not that many bikinis available with skirts, this pattern makes sure that even though there is a skirt which covers the lower part of your body, you will still look sexy and appealing. The skirt in muskat gives the attire a more feminine vibe as well as a flirtier look. The top comes in sizes A to C while the skirt comes in sizes XS to XL.

This pattern is available for free by DROPS Design

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