Caron Cakes

Caron Cakes

We will have The Caron Cakes available on May the 22nd. You can pre-order the Caron Cakes – here

Meanwhile, the Sweet Rolls by Premier Yarns, is a fantastic substitute and we have 20+ colours in stock. Get your orders in NOW, before we sell out again!!

Sweet rolls

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Si far this yarn is being sold Exclusively at Michaels Stores in the US and to make it a bit more interesting, it is sold out already online and only available in their stores! We still are waiting for confirmation of when it will be available to online providers in Australia, you will be the first to know!

Michaels knitting & crochet

About the Caron Cakes

Materials: contain 80% acrylic and 20% wool

Weight: 10ply

Skein Weight: 7.1 oz./ 200g

Yardage: 383 yd. / 350 m

 Knitting Gauge:

18 sts – 24 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

Crochet Gauge:

13 sc – 14 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

Suggested Knitting Needle:

5 mm, US – 8

Suggested Crochet Hook:

5 mm, US – H/8

What makes this yarn so special is the slow transition between colours. And the colour palettes are so attractive, they actually look like birthday cakes, there are 18 colours in the range to choose from.

Caron cakes all shades

We have not tried this yarn yet,  but,  Mikey from the Crochet crowd, describes  the new yarn as; made with “Premium Acrylic & Wool Blend” for this reason the Caron cakes yarn is very SOFT.

Michaels knitting & crochet

The price in US Dollars starts at $7.99US per ball.  Considering this is a reasonable price for a 200g ball of yarn.  The cost is very reasonable, if you live in the US, but, to have it available in Australia, the cost would approximately be between, $15.00 to $18,00 per ball.

We are just as anxious as everyone else to get this beautiful yarn in stock, but right now, it can only be purchased at Michaels Stores in the US!

As an alternative to this beautiful new yarn “Caron Cakes” you may consider similar types of yarn, there are many different variegated types such as;  swirls, stripes, ombres and twists,  these types of yarns are sold by the top American brands such as  Bernat, Red Heart, Lily Sugar n Cream and Caron.   We have tried many of these top brand yarns and below we have some photos of finished items using Lily Sugar n Cream Ombre colours all available on our website.  There are many alternatives,on the market and we are happy to take requests for any yarn that you may wish to buy, from our top brands listed above.


  1. T Vince

    Hi all, do you ship to the UK. If so how much would you charge?

    1. Pauline

      Thank you for your comment, very sorry but we do not currently ship to the UK.

    2. Trish Puterkova

      i would buy some as well

  2. Jeff Stewart

    As a consumer of high end wool and natural fibre yarns, the very fact that you, and frankly most big name companies, continue to embrace the fact that wool is allergic baffles me. What IS allergic in wool is either the lanolin, or the bramble that hasn’t been cleared out of the yarn. In fact wool is quite hypoallergenic. Perhaps if the big companies would take note of this, more people would embrace wool, instead of insisting that knitting with recycled soda bottles is perfectly acceptable. Natural fibre producers add more sustainable value to local and domestic economies than very finite large oil companies that produce the very meltable acrylics used to manufacture “affordable” yarns

    1. Pauline

      Thank you for your comment Jeff, all duly noted regarding your reasons, regarding allergies in wool.

    2. Angie

      Jeff, if it wasn’t for the “affordable yarns” some, most, people wouldn’t be able to afford to enjoy their craft. I can appreciate where you are coming from but some don’t have the luxury to have a choice. :)

      1. Sam

        Very true, pure wool is expensive. I also prefer not having to hand-wash large items such as afghans.

    3. Peta

      Wool, in any form no matter how expensive makes me itch. Always been the same way. Not Lanolin, because that doesn’t bother me and as far as brambles being cleared out of the yarn. It’s just the wool.

    4. Sue Key

      Good for you Jeff. I am allergic to lanolin so do know this about wool but as you say, this knowledge should be made freely available.

  3. sharyn

    end of november before they will be in australia at this stage

  4. Kimberly

    I want to point out that this yarn has an abrupt color change…no transition…one color stops and the other starts. I think it works well for some projects, but less so for others. For example, when I tried it working with higher stitches in the round, the change was very jarring and asymmetrical. But I have seen some other people’s work that is based on single crochet patterns or lower stitches that looks better.

  5. Peggy R

    I was interested in checking into this yarn further, until I kept reading about this yarn, and you had the comment from “Mikey” in your article. If it’s the same “Mikey” that I’m thinking about, I thought that he was long gone from crochet sites, and I don’t need to dredge up why!! To see his name again, just pulls all this ugliness up again, and is a bit of a turn-off, regarding a yarn which is the institution of their Company!! I, personally, have used it for decades, and that’s why this yarn had peaked my interest. I pray that you don’t have an association with him!!

    1. Pauline

      Hi Peggy, thank you for your comment, we no nothing or have any idea about any Mikey, all we know in Australia, is that the Michaels stores are the only ones with the rights to stock the new Caron Cakes yarn and we cannot get it here in Aussie!!!

    2. Dani

      Hi Peggy,
      If the Mikey you mentioned is the one I think he is….. Could you please tell me why you think so badly about him? I’m curious because I’m simply not a big fan of the ” Mikey” I’m talking about, but as far as I know he is still fully active on YouTube and also other social media network…. I hope I’m not out of line by asking you this question.
      Looking forward to your reply.
      PS: I love Pauline, I think she is very professional and very helpful.

    1. Pauline

      we do too!

  6. Penny Thorpe

    I am just wondering if you ship to
    Australia please

    1. Pauline

      Hi Penny, We do deliver to Australia (We are based in Melbourne). However, the Caron Cakes will remain exclusive to Micheal’s stores in the US. Therefore, we won’t have them available, until March or April next year when apparently they will become available to most retailers
      thank you :)

  7. Cathrin

    Is there a we sure that names all the colours of the Caron cakes. I would like to know the name of the dark purple with white!

    1. Pauline

      Hi Cathrin, I believe you are asking about the Bumbleberry caron cakes blueberry or the Blueberry Cheesecake blueberry cheesecake they look a bit similar.

  8. Penny Davis

    Love Caron Cakes but would love to see this yarn in solids. The contents..thickness… and quality is great but want it in solids!

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