Dishcloth crochet patterns

Crochet Dish Clothes or Face washers!

Like most people when I heard of a crocheted dishcloth made from cotton, I was sceptical!! But after all the requests and constant reminders, I finally I crocheted one for myself and started using it in my kitchen. Not only does it look good, it cleans with a shine and gets the grime off everything! Wow I wish I had of known years of go, I would of saved a lot of money from purchasing dish clothes that I used to throw out each week. Now I just soak mine in bleach or simply throw in the washing machine! Best idea yet! I love my crochet dish clothes. You can choose any pattern and colours you like, below is a few ideas to get started.

4 mm crochet hook, darning needle or you can use what every hook you chose to suit your cotton.

Lily Sugar n Cream 100% cotton.

Ch = chain
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet
St = stitch
Sl = slip stitch

Fan stitch

Create a slip knot Ch 24 or multiply of 4’s

1st row
Dc x 1 into 4th stitch from end CH x 2 SC x 1, skip next 3 CH, (DC x 2 CH x 2 SC x 1) repeat to you have 6 fans last ST DC x 1 CH 2 and turn

2nd Row
DC into first loop (CH 2 loop) the chain 2 acts as first DC, CH x 2 SC x 1, next into CH x loop DC x 2 CH x 2 SC x 1

Repeat until you have formed a square pattern. Sew ends by using a darning needle.

V stitch

Create slip knot, Chain 35 or multiply of 4 plus 1

1st Row
DC into 6th CH, CH x 1 DC into same ST skip 2 chains, *(DC x 1 CH x 1 DC x 1) into same ST
Repeat to last ST, DC x 1 into last ST turn CH 3

2nd row
DC x 1 into space DC x 1 CH x 1 DC x 1 into first V ST and repeat in each V ST till end DC x 1 into last space turn and CH 3 repeat to desired length.



  1. Lyn Harrop

    How many dish clothes, face washers can be made from one ball of Lily sugar & Cream please?
    How many grams is one ball please.
    Also I’m looking for Red Heart – Cutie Pie yarn to make a Pattern by Red a Heart – “a Kitty Love Blanket ” ( a cuddle blanket with a kitty head for babies) or could you recommend a very soft yarn alternative please.
    Thank you kindly

    1. Pauline

      Hello Lyn, in answer to your questions.

      you can usually make 2 dishcloths with a ball of Lily Sugar N Cream, the solid colours in Lily are 71g and ombres are 56g.

      Lyn I have used the Red Heart Cutie Pie and it is ok, but the Bernat Baby blanket is much softer and better to use, the only other difference is that it is a 14ply yarn which knits and crochets up very quickly into a lovely soft blanket for babies.

      Kind regards
      Pauline American Yarns

  2. Lyn Harrop

    Would 14 ply be too thick for cuddle baby toy?

    1. Pauline

      yes it would be too thick for toys! , i can order the Red Heart if you wish?

  3. Lyn Harrop

    I’ve tried a thick chenille ply and because it’s in crochet the pattern isn’t seen very well.

  4. Michelle Stevenson

    Hi Ladies
    Can you please let me know if this pattern is written in US or Australian terms

    1. Pauline

      Hi Michelle, the pattern is in Australian terms and measures

  5. Johanna

    I’m now conviced to try them for my kitchen !
    Plus they are the best projects when learning to crochet or knit : it doesn’t matter if they’re ugly or pretty to wash the dishes !

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