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Why Crocheters and Knitters Love Lion Brand

Yarn quality is one of the most important things to consider when crocheting and knitting. So if you want a good quality yarn, you should choose a trustworthy yarn brand and when it comes to trustworthiness, there will be no other yarn that will exceed Lion Brand. More Than a Century of Quality Service Lion […]

Crochet Hook Basics: Choosing The Best Crochet Hook for your Project

types of crochet hooks

Crochet hooks play an essential role in finishing your project faster and easier, hence it is necessary for you to select only the best crochet hook for your particular project. Besides the crochet pattern you are following, you must also consider several other things – the type of yarn you’re using, how you hold the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Crochet Yarns

many kinds of yarn and wool

Knowing the different types of crochet yarns is essential to loving the craft and in effectively learning how to crochet. It also enables beginners to practice swatches and stitches so you can confidently call yourself a crocheter soonest. The Different Types of Yarns Wool Yarn For beginners, wool is the best among the different types […]

Where to find Red Heart Yarn in Australia – baby

red heart buttercup

Introduction: Our goal is to make available in Australia every single variation of Red Heart yarns at a very competitive price and short delivery times. Currently we stock: Red Heart Super Saver Red Heart Scrubby Red Heart Unforgettable Red Heart Soft Red Heart Grande – Super bulky yarn 14ply Red Heart with Love (4 shades) […]

10 Ways Crocheting Helps You De-Stress

crochet happy

Daily stresses that pile up can be severely debilitating and worse, can even lead to depression. This is why experts advise that people who are under stress should start having hobbies that can help them calm down and shift their focus. There are many activities you can do to prevent yourself from over thinking and […]